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Name Issue 36 - April 2022
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
The innovation paradox: Innovation within the food industry in developing countries & the challenges associated with globilisation Tertius Cilliers Cilliers Anneri Carinus Apr-22 6
The food science/diatetics interface - how can we all benefit? Nigel Sunley   Apr-22 8
Are we ready for cultured meat? Jane M. Caldwell   Apr-22 10
My SAAFoST Food Security Hackathon and Foodball Quiz Rebecca Helman Stellenbosch University Apr-22 14
Postgraduate Showcase: Consumers' perceptions of chicken meat safety in South Africa Wendy Katiyo University of Pretoria Apr-22 16
Process validation of food safety control meaures Wendy Katiyo UP (Merieux) Apr-22 18
The University of the Free States's sensory laboratory Liezl van der Walt   Apr-22 20
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