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Name Issue 34 - July 2021
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
SAAFoST 2021 Congress: Q & A Madelein Jansen SAAFoST 2021 Congress Chair Jul-21 6
SAAFoST 2021 Congress: Q & A Prof Elna Buys Scientific Programme Committee Chair Jul-21 6
Cannabis - can you, or can't you? Janet Tomkow-Coetzer Isabelle Mazzone Jul-21 8
Authenticity testing of oil Dr Mathilda Mostert   Jul-21 12
Predictive modelling in foods: An untapped food safety management support tool - Part 1 B. A Olaonipekun E. M Buys - University of Pretoria Jul-21 14
High pressure processing (HPP) for pathogen reduction in food products Sharon Mamabolo   Jul-21 18
How safe are plant based meat alternatives? Jane M. Caldwell   Jul-21 20
The survival of pathogens in salt reduced fresh sausages Alicia Freitag   Jul-21 24
My SAAFoST Food Waste vs Food Scientists: Zoom Hackathon     Hosted by Dept of Food Science at Stellenbosch University Jul-21 26
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