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Name Issue 31 | July 2020
Biological hazards: Tools for predicting the future Candice Sharp Hesrie van Heerden   Jul-20 14
FACS Food Advisory Consumer Service       Jul-20 2
Food architecture David Julian McClements   Jul-20 10
Fumonisin toxicity and bioaccessibily from maize porridge Belinda du Plessis   Jul-20 20
Hand hygiene promotes food safety Linda Pretorius Delene Boshoff   Jul-20 16
How consumer responsive can we afford to be? Nigel  Sunley   Jul-20 5
International standards for seafood traceability make their debut       Jul-20 22
Risk-based food safety decision making in national food control systems - part 2 Prof Lucia Anelich   Jul-20 8
The types of spoilage found in canned foods: A review of 20 years of spoilage incidents in Soth Africa Susan Featherstone   Jul-20 18
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