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Name Issue 25 - July 2018
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
Mycotoxins in foods and feeds Pieter S. Steyn   Jul-18 6
Sugar reduction in an age of clean labelling Alex Woo   Jul-18 8
IFT Press book probes essentail oils Bob Swientek   Jul-18 11
Sugar reduction: Smart snacking and formulating for success Roné Luttig   Jul-18 12
A fresh look at allergen verification Comaine  van Zijl   Jul-18 15
A fresh look at allergen verification Harris Steinman   Jul-18 15
A glance at the South African mushroom industry Nathan Jones   Jul-18 17
Postgraduate showcase: I love fat cakes (magwinya) but hate the fat; is there an option for me? Oluwatoyin Onipe University of Venda Jul-18 19
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