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Name Issue 22 - April 2017
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
Are foodstuffs derived from GM crops safe? Wynand van der Walt   Apr-17 12
FACS update David Watson   Apr-17 23
IFT - delight the palate with chocolate and vanilla ingredients Karen Nachay   Apr-17 14
Irradiation of food - a summary Cherin Balt   Apr-17 6
IFT - go with purpose Bob  Swientek   Apr-17 22
IUFoST Congress in Dublin: South African and SAAFoST participation       Apr-17 2
Postgraduate showcase: Sodium reduction strategies for local processed meat products MacDonald Cluff University of the Free State Apr-17 16
SAAFoST Congress 2017 Rosie Maguire   Apr-17 OBC
Ostrich meat: A South African approach to interantional trade Adriaan Olivier   Apr-17 9
Postgraduate showcase: Microstructure and quality: X-ray microCT chracterisation of roasted wheat Letitia  Schoeman Stellenbosch University Apr-17 18
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