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Name Issue 18 - May 2016
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
Food consumption changes in South Africa since 1994 Lisa Ronquest   May-16 6
Marching towards our past - Cape Branch Martin Dovey   May-16 49
The future of the sugar industry - Northern Branch Nico  Kruger   May-16 48
Using a trends-based approach to innovate beyond flavour Klauss Schnurr   May-16 15
Satisfying a sweet tooth Karen Nachay   May-16 20
Positive nutrition: It's what you eat, not what you don't, that counts Jenny Arthur   May-16 26
Revelations of a food safety auditor Rolf Uys   May-16 31
Legionnaires' disease in South Africa Welmien Mommsen   May-16 34
Extra virgin olive oil: Protecting our advantage Linda  Costa   May-16 36
Moving from steam infusion to robotics Jake Norman   May-16 38
Postgraduate showcase: The effect of the injection of various brine formulations on the quality of poultry meat Maphuti Kutu Tshwane University of Technology May-16 40
The other side of food labelling: Consumer behaviour Daleen van der Merwe   May-16 42
Opportunities for energy saving Andrew Murray   May-16 44
IUFoST 2016 - 18th World Congress of Food Science and Technology       May-16 46
IFT16 - Where Science Feeds Innovation       May-16 47
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