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Name Issue 17 - February 2016
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
Human behaviour as a risk factor in food safety and quality - Northern Branch Ryk Lues   Feb-16 48
Ingredient development is always evolving Karen Nachay   Feb-16 6
Meeting consumer demands for healthier dairy and beverage products - Northern Branch Christian Heiss   Feb-16 48
Top global trends influencing NPD - Cape Branch Rosie Maguire   Feb-16 49
Stevia: revisiting the roots of taste Rone Luttig   Feb-16 12
Flavours past, present and future Sharon Bolel   Feb-16 15
The state of consumer and sensory science Cindy Beeren   Feb-16 19
The South African Fruit Juice Association Rudi Richards   Feb-16 23
Pineapple value addition - development of zero-waste philosophy Anthony Elbers   Feb-16 24
IFT - stay in the know with IFT publications       Feb-16 27
Designing a consumer assurance programme Deborah van der Merwe   Feb-16 28
Designing a consumer assurance programme Karen Horsburgh   Feb-16 28
Designing a consumer assurance programme Harris Steinman   Feb-16 28
Designing a consumer assurance programme Comaine van Zyl   Feb-16 28
Designing a consumer assurance programme Carine Davies   Feb-16 28
Preliminary online survey findings: Which employability attributes would you like to see from food science and technology graduates taking up employment for the first time? Denise Metcalfe   Feb-16 30
Food shedding Hanita Swanepoel   Feb-16 34
IUFoST 2016 - 18th World Congress of Food Science and Technology       Feb-16 37
Postgraduate showcase: Evaluation of beef quality in the Pretoria market Liza van Wyngaard University of the Free State Feb-16 38
Postgraduate showcase: The ability of South African consumers to interpret front-panel nutritional labelling systems Fanny Mabotja University of Johannesburg Feb-16 40
Implementation of continuing professional development for Food Scientists Sarah van Aardt   Feb-16 42
SAAFoST Congratulates: IFT's Annual Meeting Scientific Programme Advisory Panel Gunnar Sigge   Feb-16 45
SAAFoST Congratulates: President Elect Lucia Anelich   Feb-16 45
SAAFoST Congratulates: President's Award Owen  Frisby   Feb-16 45
SAAFoST Congratulates: Vice-President  Anza Bester   Feb-16 45
SAAFoST Congress       Feb-16 46
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