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Name Issue 13 - February 2015
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
IUFoST General Council election Rosie Maguire   Feb-15 47
Savouring the sweet life Karen Nachay   Feb-15 6
Brilliantly natural colours Roland Beck   Feb-15 11
Stevia - re-inventing the regular Rone Luttig   Feb-15 13
IFT - The past, present and future of Food Science E. Allen Foegeding   Feb-15 17
Moringa Keith Duvel   Feb-15 18
Moringa Kurt Duvel   Feb-15 18
The business of Olive Oil Leonard Arangies   Feb-15 20
GM Food Labelling - is there a solution to the impasse? Liezel Gouws   Feb-15 23
GM Food Labelling - is there a solution to the impasse? Jan-Hendrik Groenewald   Feb-15 23
Managing an efficient laboratory: the impact of water impurity Paul Whitehead   Feb-15 26
Balancing the demand for natural preservatives and an extended shelf life Peter  Wareing   Feb-15 29
Postgraduate showcase: Sorghum-cowpea composite porridge Franklin Apea-Bah University of Pretoria Feb-15 33
Postgraduate showcase: Could irrigation water play a role in the transfer of resistance to important antimicrobial agents? Patrick Njage University of Pretoria Feb-15 37
SAAFoST 21st Biennial International congress & exhibition, Durban       Feb-15 39
Career matchmaking - aligning a candidate and company Antoinette Baard   Feb-15 40
Doing business in Africa Jannie van Aswegen   Feb-15 42
Developing a breakfast cereal to combat protein malnutrition Ron Timm   Feb-15 44
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