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Name Issue 11 - August 2014
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution
Lifestyle chnages - KZN Branch Nola Dippenaar  
Sustainable farming - Cape Branch Lisa Ryser  
Antimicrobial resistance in the food chain Pieter Gouws  
Developing colouring solutions naturally Karen Nachay  
Electricity - a growing resource headache Paul Harris  
Augmenting nutritional testing of milk powder with adulterant screening Roberta Packer  
Augmenting nutritional testing of milk powder with adulterant screening Ben Perston  
Counterfeit food Wendy Dias  
Food waste in SA - Northern Branch Suzan Oelofse  
Global colour selection and the role in shaping product development Wayne Morley  
IFT - Why I became a Certified Food Scientist (CFS) Errol Collins  
Organic Cheese Delene Koekemoer  
Postgraduate showcase: Measuring consumers' emotional responses to corn snack chips in an informal settlement Muruta Baranzika University of South Africa
Preventing milk fouling Tertius  Cillers  
Preventing milk fouling Stefan Hayward  
Preventing milk fouling Pieter Swart  
Real-time PCR for food pathogen detection Jean-Philippe Tournaire  
Reaping the benefits of traditional African vegetables Sylvester Mpandeli  
SAAFoST Congratulates: IAFoST Fellow Nigel Sunley  
SAAFoST Congratulates: IUFoST Scientific Council Chair Elect Lucia Anelich  
SAAFoST Congratulates: IUFoST Young Scientist Patrick Njage  
SACNASP-Register to be recognised Rolf Becker  
Steel belts in the meat industry Lars Blom  
Steel belts in the meat industry Fabio Conti  
Steel belts in the meat industry Jurgen Seidel  
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