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Name Issue 10 - May 2014
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
Rooibos: a complimentary approach to fighting chronic disease Jeanine Marnewick   May-14 6
Chocolate trending Rosie Maguire   May-14 10
The market sweetens up Emma Gubisch   May-14 15
Easy steps to less salt David Despain   May-14 19
Measuring the sugar content of jams & sauces accurately Kylie Davis   May-14 24
Food fortification & vitamin A analysis Andriette de Jaeger   May-14 26
Product reformulation Sarah Chapman   May-14 28
Product reformulation Rachel Gwinn   May-14 28
Product reformulation Emma Hanby   May-14 28
Product reformulation Tim Hutton   May-14 28
Product reformulation Charles Speirs   May-14 28
Risks in low water activity foods Markus Bernasconi   May-14 32
Low water activity foods as pathogen carriers Evangelia Komitopoulou   May-14 35
Effective cleaning systems Delene Koekemoer   May-14 38
Monitoring the cold chain wirelessly Natalie Liddle   May-14 40
Canned-food for the future Susan Featherstone   May-14 42
IFT Annual meeting & food expo       May-14 49
Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr - Tribute Nick Starke   May-14 50
Postgraduate showcase: The antioxidant effect of Maillard reaction products in a lipid-rich model system Vusi Mshayisa CPUT May-14 45
Postgraduate showcase: Adding rooibos tea extract to South African droewors Maxine  Jones Stellenbosch University May-14 47
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