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Name Issue 09 - February 2014
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
Creating a new national food control system - a case of déjà vu Theo van de Venter   Feb-14 41
Effective tank & vessel cleaning Falko Fliessbach   Feb-14 45
Extending shelf-life: no easy task Richard Majewski   Feb-14 39
Government funding for competitiveness improvement Grant Whittaker   Feb-14 48
Gum system solutions Donald E. Pszczola   Feb-14 28
IFT global food traceability center Janet E. Collins   Feb-14 51
IPSA Gold Pack Student Awards        Feb-14 53
Microbially polluted irrigation water: potential impact on food safety Trevor Britz   Feb-14 6
Microbially polluted irrigation water: potential impact on food safety Gunnar Sigge   Feb-14 6
Nampak IPSA Gold Pack Student Awards Zahararn Hussein   Feb-14 53
Nampak IPSA Gold Pack Student Awards Claire  Kirby   Feb-14 53
Orange-fleshed sweet potato - a neglected nutri-crop? Milla McLachlan   Feb-14 36
Plant oil update in South Africa Lourens du Plessis   Feb-14 15
Plant oil update in South Africa Peter  van Twisk   Feb-14 15
Postgraduate showcase: What do South African employers of Food Science & Technology graduates want? Denise Metcalfe University of Johannesburg Feb-14 43
SAAFoST Congress - Life membership for outstanding service Nigel Sunley   Feb-14 55
SAAFoST Congress Student product development competition       Feb-14 54
Salt reduction in bread Geoff Penny   Feb-14 20
Sodium reduction in processed meats Delene Koekemoer   Feb-14 18
Troubleshooting colour changes in beverages Wayne Morley   Feb-14 11
Vanilla-anything but bland! Gillian Williams   Feb-14 33
Working with food acids-practical experiences Brian Lanton   Feb-14 25
40th birthday - KwaZulu-Natal Branch Ron Timm   Feb-14 56
What is species determination? A focus on cross-contamination & adulteration - Cape branch Harris Steinman   Feb-14 57
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