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Name Issue 08 - November 2013
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
Food legislation: impacting a mother's right to know Rozita Andrew   Nov-13 6
Selling baby food in Africa Leonard Mead   Nov-13 12
Spotlight on local olive oil Andries Rabie   Nov-13 14
Spotlight on local olive oil Louise Rabie   Nov-13 15
Insects - future food & delicacy Elsje Pieterse   Nov-13 16
Yeast's novel functionalities Gunnard Jacobsen   Nov-13 18
Pea proteins Mehmet Caglar Tulbek   Nov-13 20
Sweetener evaluation Cindy Beeren   Nov-13 23
Chocolate everything Donald E. Pszczola   Nov-13 29
Postgraduate showcase: The evaluation of mageu-based gluten-free bread in South Africa Leigh McCarroll University of Johannesburg Nov-13 34
Engineering the future Yolanda Rudolph   Nov-13 36
Food waste - valuable or detrimental? Kirsten Barnes   Nov-13 38
Supercritical fluid extraction in Africa Natasa Taseski   Nov-13 41
ILSI International Life Sciences Institute South Africa Lucia Anelich   Nov-13 43
IUFoST 2014 Invitation       Nov-13 45
IFT LEAD360 Romy Hochfeld   Nov-13 47
What is species determination? A focus on cross-contamination & adulteration - Northern branch Harris Steinman   Nov-13 48
Salt reduction update - Cape branch Erika Ketterer   Nov-13 49
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