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Name Issue 06 - May 2013
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
Dairy in "wheys" you've never seen before Donald E. Pszczola   May-13 6
Steviol glycosides (stevia leaf extract) Brian Lanton   May-13 16
Is there horse in my wors? Donna Cawthorn   May-13 19
Is there horse in my wors? Louw Hoffman   May-13 19
Beyond food safety management Frank Yiannas   May-13 22
How third party certification audits highlight risks in your business Juanita Louw   May-13 24
How third party certification audits highlight risks in your business Debbie Brandt   May-13 24
Hygienic design of food factories Deléne Koekemoer   May-13 26
Food safety in the cold room Raymond Byrne   May-13 28
Outsourced cleaning - making it work Gareth Lloyd-Jones   May-13 30
Efficient troubleshooting Wayne Morley   May-13 32
Analysis of physical contaminants ("foreign bodies") Mike Edwards   May-13 36
The power of storytelling Penny de Villiers   May-13 39
Food for thought Keri Uys   May-13 41
SAAFoST Foundation - Background to the formation of the foundation       May-13 43
Postgraduate showcase: The effect of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) supplementation on the quality of fermented sausages Donald  Cluff University of the Free State May-13 44
IFT Press Book examines the health effects of coffee       May-13 46
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