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Name Issue 04 - November 2012
Article Title Author's First Name Author's Surname Institution Issue Page
Appetite control & weight management Sarah Hull   Nov-12 42
Appetite control & weight management Sonia Pombo   Nov-12 42
Appetite control & weight management Roberta Re   Nov-12 42
C.J.R. Smit - Tribute Nick Starke   Nov-12 48
Chocolate manufacture - safety considerations Paul A. Gibbs   Nov-12 30
Chocolate manufacture - safety considerations Evangelia Komitopoulou   Nov-12 30
Classification of carbohydrates André Munian   Nov-12 17
Consumer deception safeguards Janusz Luterek   Nov-12 15
Crisis & incident management, Tony's top ten tips Tony Hines   Nov-12 38
Deboning and cutting: go with the flow Deléne Koekemoer   Nov-12 34
Ethical trade Donna Crockart   Nov-12 26
Going where no ingredient has gone before Donald E. Pszczola   Nov-12 6
How to use audits and inspections to improve food safety Rolf Uys   Nov-12 28
IFT launches Certified Food Scientist credential Herbert Stpne   Nov-12 44
IUFoST - Experiencing Food Science in Brazil Greta Geldenhuys Stellenbosch University Nov-12 45
IUFoST - Experiencing Food Science in Brazil Petra Muller University of Pretoria Nov-12 45
Low-calorie sweeteners: what they are and why they're safe Bernard Magnuson   Nov-12 19
Mandatory labeling of genetically modified food in South Africa: what you should know Chris Viljoen   Nov-12 36
Postgraduate showcase: Raising expectations: a response to the gluten-free challenge Alexandra Sly University of Pretoria Nov-12 23
SAAFoST Recognition Awards       Nov-12 46
Wally Marasas - Tribute Wynand van der Walt   Nov-12 48
Waste policy in SA: the legal implications Sally-Anne Käsner   Nov-12 40
Where our nutrition advice went wrong - Cape Branch Tim Noakes   Nov-12 47
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